Welcome to the first official episode of the Music and Booze Power Hour Variety Show! Each episode we explore the universal connection we believe exists between music … and booze. Along the way we’re going to meet some new drinking buddies, jam to some awesome tunes, all while enjoying tasty beverages. Music. Booze. Friends. What else does one need?

In this episode we take a trip to Berkeley, California, and visit with the great guys behind the Mead Kitchen. As we taste some fabulous concoctions, Dan Cook, founder, tells us how happenstance had a very important part in his enterprise and has guided him along in his brewing decisions. After several “tastings,” we end up pairing their signature drink with a great song by the Japanese trio, Shonen Knife. The song is part of what I think is the greatest compilation album of all time, and share some tracks off of it to prove my point. We next take a trip back in time to New Jersey in the early 1990s and talk about the songs that were sampled in a very influential hip hop song by Naughty by Nature. 

To fully experience this episode, we recommend a full glass of your favorite concotion, a comfy recliner or couch, and headphones that go up to 11.

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Shonen Knife, Top of the World
Dishwalla, Going to Take Some Time
Johnette Napolitano, Hurting Each Other
Sonic Youth, Superstar
Naughty by Nature, Ghetto Bastard
Boney M, No Woman No Cry
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Mead is considered one of the oldest man-made alcoholic beverages – but how was it first discovered? Join us on a journey that starts 10,000 years ago in deepest darkest Africa, and takes us to a European landscape dotted with vikings. From there we take a leap in our time machine to Iceland. And somehow, Led Zeppelin comes in to play. It’s all connected, trust us. We also include three mead reviews (and matching songs), peek at the samples used in St. Germain’s “Sure Thing,” and decide whether a Led Zeppelin tribute/parody band’s cover version might be better than the original.

SONGS FEATURED (in order of appearance):





We’re calling this a “quickie,” for lack of a better title. Think of this as an appetizer between courses as we get the next episode up and ready – a quick one-off I was inspired to put together that wouldn’t fit in with the episodes planned. The idea for this one came in the wine aisle at my local supermarket, when I espied a wine called Poizin. I’m a sucker for wines with cool labels, and in fact creative and unusual labels will sway me into trying something new.

But I digress. As I was looking at the Poizin wine label, two thoughts struck me: The first was Alice Cooper’s 80’s anthem “Poison,” followed closely by Bell Biv Devoe’s equally catchy song of the same name. This got me thinking, what songs with “Poison” in their title would be a good match for a glass of PoiZin. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the show. Grab a glass of PoiZin (if you like dark, rich zinfandels this will be right up your alley), sit back, turn the volume to 11, and get ready as I count down …

The top 10 songs with “Poison” in their title that go with a glass of Poizin:

  1. Alice Cooper: Poison (video)
  2. Bell Biv Devoe: Poison (video)
  3. G Love & Special Sauce: Poison (video)
  4. Beyoncé: Poison (video)
  5. Rita Ora: Poison (video)
  6. Prodigy: Poison (video)
  7. Ultra Vivid Scene: Poison (video)
  8. George Strait: Poison (video)
  9. Tom Waits: Little Drop of Poison (video)
  10. Rocket Juice and the Moon: Poison (video)
  11. BONUS TRACK: Poison (band): Ride the Wind (video)

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Motorhead: Poison (video)
  2. Nicole Scherzinger: Poison (video)
  3. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Poison Whiskey (video)

The wine: Poizin (site)

Do you agree with this list? Have anything to add? Send me a note at podcast@musicandboozepodcast.com or call our studio line and leave your thoughts: (415) – 842-BOOZ (2669)

Thank you for listening, cheers!

In this episode you will find upcoming fall and winter festivals, booze reviews – Golden State vodka and Omission beer, a segment called “Who Sampled Who?,” a unique tribute to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest from a Los Angeles brewery, a segment where we compare and contrast a cover song and its original version, and our main attraction, which we are calling A Pour and a Score: like matching a fine burgundy with a just-seared filet mignon, we pair up booze –– beer, wine, cocktails, shots – with what we think is the best matching music. So fill up your cup with your favorite libation, chill out in your favorite comfy chair, strap on your headphones, and get ready to loose yourself on a fantastical voyage of mixological magnitude.